Windows Experiment, v.2.0

So, as I’ve mentioned before, while I LOVE MacOS, Photos, iMovie, Safari, etc., and particularly Logic Pro X, I’ve grown rather weary of Apple’s continued issues with their laptops. Crappy keyboards that stop working. Version 2 of crappy keyboards that stop working. Version 3 of crappy keyboards that stop working. Ribbon cables to screens that […]

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Android: Am I Wrong?

I recently posted an article about how I had a failed attempt at switching from iOS to Android (and from MacOS to Windows as well, but this’ll just be about phones). My friend Adam read it, and it seems we disagree on some points about each OS. I still think most of it comes down […]

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The end of Mac os? (for Me)

I’ve been looking at getting a new laptop soon, something smaller than my current 15” MacBook Pro, and hopefully a little lighter too. Naturally, I started looking at the 13” MacBook Pro’s, as they now come with a quad-core processor (the MacBook Air is nice, but I’d like something stronger) and weigh right at 3 […]

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