I’m done with Apple Music…..and streaming music services in general

So, like many Apple users, I signed up for the trial for Apple Music in July. For a time, it was awesome. Yes, it’s really no different than Spotify, Rdio, etc. but it had all my music and everything else in one app. Pretty convenient.

However, over time, I found two things: I really only listened to a handful of albums, and what I did listen to, much was music I’d already purchased anyway. So if I’m only regularly listening to 5 or 6 albums I don’t actually own, there’s really no financial benefit to Apple Music. Additionally, I do pay for iTunes Match, so the ability to have my stuff easily downloaded at any time isn’t really a factor with Apple Music either.

Another issue I ran across is when I cancelled the auto-renew for iTunes Match (I had done this a couple months ago, amid my excitement for Apple Music), and then got a new phone this past Friday. I then saw that my music library was completely muddled, missing entire bands, some bands there but missing albums (oddly enough, albums I had purchased on iTunes). Really frustrating, but after futzing with it for awhile, saw that there was a fix.

By this point I was too pissed off to want to keep Apple Music though, so I quit. Yes, it was a so-called “Rage Quit”!

So now, I’m back to iTunes Match, and so far, I’m not missing anything major. What I do now is what I did before Apple Music; if someone mentions a band and/or album to me, I’ll listen to it for free on the ad-supported version of Spotify. If I dig it, I’ll just buy it. If not, skip it. Saves money, saves frustration.

Perhaps if there were a steady stream of awesome music coming out every month, Apple Music (or Spotify, Google Music, Rdio) would be worthwhile. But there just isn’t, at least not for me.

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