The PRS CE24 is back, and it looks great!

More than a decade ago, probably nearly two, I worked at a Wolf Camera shop in Bloomingdale, IL, doing camera sales and photo development. One of our “regulars” was a guy who was not only a photographer for the local municipality, but also a pretty great guitar player. He and I often chatted about gear, music, etc. because we happened to like a lot of the same music, which was cool.

I remember talking with him about PRS, and how I’ve always wanted to try one, but they’re just so expensive (as a college student working a retail job, $2000+ for a guitar isn’t practical).

One day, he walked in and said “hey man, I want you to check out this guitar I got used in great condition”. It was a early 90’s CE, PRS’s bolt-on version of their guitars. I looked at it, said it looks nice, neck feels great, and handed it back. “No, man. I want you to check it out. Take it home, play it for a week!”

Wow. This was very generous of him, and I was happy to give it a go. Over that week, I played it a lot, recorded with it, and generally didn’t touch any of my guitars for the whole time. I loved it. This was my first PRS experience.

Fast forward to now, and the PRS CE has been gone for nearly 8 years from the PRS lineup. Too expensive to build for the price, I heard, and therefore the S2’s and SE’s were to be the more affordable PRS alternative (both great lines in their own right).

Today, the cat is out of the bag with the new CE24. Mahogany body, flame maple top, maple neck with satin nitro finish, and PRS USA pickups and locking tuners, it looks like a fantastic guitar.

It looks like it’ll be around $2K, which still isn’t cheap, but for an American made guitar of its quality, definitely fair, in my opinion.

Specs, from PRS’s site:

  • Top Wood – Maple
  • Back Wood – Mahogany
  • Number of Frets – 24
  • Scale Length – 25″
  • Neck Wood – Maple
  • Fretboard Wood – East Indian Rosewood
  • Fretboard Inlays – Birds
  • Neck Shape – Pattern Thin
  • Bridge – PRS-Designed Tremolo
  • Tuners – PRS-Designed Locking Tuners
  • Hardware Type – Nickel
  • Treble Pickup – 85/15 Treble
  • Bass Pickup – 85/15 Bass
  • Controls – Volume and Push/Pull Tone Control with 3-Way Toggle

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