Amazon’s “Add-on” Deal

So, last night, I’m waiting for a server to load, working on MCSE, when I decide I need a “brain break” from learning about Microsoft Server 2012 crap.

I remember I wanted to order a small bag of picks from Clayton, but wanted to try a different material before committing to a bag of 100.

So having Amazon Prime, naturally I go to Amazon and find the picks. $5. Well, $4.68, if we’re splitting hairs.

I try to go to the cart and complete the sale, but no. It’s an “Add-on”. Can’t buy it until I add items shipping from Amazon for $25 or over. Huh? Can’t you just say “Sorry Jeff; can’t give you free shipping, but we’d be happy to drop this tiny bag of picks into an envelope for $3 P&H.

Nope. Not an option. No way around it, unless I’m blind and/or stupid. So me, being a momentary idiot, starts trying to think if there’s anything else I need or want.

That’s obviously what they want you to do, I imagine. I stopped myself from doing something dumb, like ordering a Barry Manilow CD, and instead did what I should have done from the start: went directly to Clayton’s own webstore. Mr. Clayton, it seems, is more than happy to ship me $5 worth of picks, to keep a customer. Mighty Amazon, it appears, is not.

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