Random musical ideas: is it the journey and not the destination?

This morning, as I stand in the shower wondering why someone with barely any hair still uses shampoo, I had a thought. I wouldn’t classify it as an epiphany, because that’s probably giving the idea and myself far more credit than it deserves.

No, it was just a thought. But that in itself was fascinating, given that my normal routine is largely done under a thick morning fog.

The idea is this: what if my musical expression really is meant to consist of musical thoughts, and not complete songs? What if I’m just deeply entertained by these thoughts, and not really concerned with the ever having a “finished product”?

Let me explain. I love playing guitar, but I love the process of recording it and futzing with it about as much. I have songs written; complete musical ideas with an intro, a verse, a chorus and a bridge. Often even a written guitar solo. I’ve got one of those snazzy writing books with pages and pages of lyrics I’ve written over the years.

I’ve literally got nothing committed to “tape”. Why? Because I like recording. And re-recording. And tinkering. And changing things.

What if this riff sounded better with a keyboard part? Let’s try it. What if we did a bass unison passage? Let’s try it.

This is sincerely what’s fun to me. The process. The tinkering. Part of this is my OCD. I can’t leave well enough alone, and the thought of recording a complete song, and saying “that’s the sound it’s going to have. Forever” is unnerving to me. I don’t know how people do it.

So does that mean I’ll never finish anything? Maybe. Probably not. I’ll likely get around to finishing a song or four. But even if I didn’t, I’d be happy that I know those songs do exist, in my head. And many of their fragments have indeed been recorded. And the most important part is that I enjoyed their creation, whatever form they end up taking.

Here’s an idea.

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