Positive Grid BIAS Amp is cool, but it could be better

I’ve been a user of Positive Grid’s stuff for awhile, as far back as when JamUp Pro came out for iOS. Currently, I have BIAS Amp, FX, and Pedal for iOS, and the same for MacOS. It’s ability to cross platforms is very cool, and the sound quality is good; so good that I’ve now returned my third and final Atomic AmpliFIRE unit, because BIAS, in my opinion, is every bit as good.

But it’s not without room to improve. Here’s where I think it could.

Patch Management

ToneCloud is the method of uploading and sharing patches. It’s cool, because it leads to the discovery of sounds you might not have otherwise tried, plus it’s home to Amp Match-created patches of real amps. Very cool.

However, it shouldn’t be the only method of patch management. While it’s cool I can create a patch on my computer, upload it to Tonecloud, then download on my iPad, I shouldn’t have to do that. With iCloud/Dropbox/Google Drive whatever, I should be able to just save my presets in one place, and pick them up somewhere else. PG needs to fix that.

Amp Matching

Again, another cool feature, but it could also use improvement. For one thing, the process is clunky, whether it be matching an amp, or matching a recording (the latter is quite tedious).

Second, you can’t move the Amp Match block in the chain. Why would you want to do that? Well, if you want to capture just the pre and power amp of your amp, and then add a good IR following that, it can’t be done.

What I suggest is first, allowing the block to be moved, to accommodate the use of IR’s in the match. Second, have a simple file browser option, where you browse to a recording you wish to match, and it matches that. It would add a ton of functionality to this feature.

IR Loading in the iOS Version

Come on, guys. It’s 2017. I can, using Audiobus and BIAS Amp, run BIAS with no cabinet model, into Fiddlicator, and use an IR to get even better sound. It’s time to bake IR loading into the iOS version.

Floor Pedalboard Version of BIAS FX

I don’t know how PG is seeing the success of the AmpliFIRE, Helix, and AX8 and not thinking “hey, we should do a floorboard too”. The BIAS Amp Head and Rackmount are cool, but they’ve got no effects, and they still require a MIDI controller of some sort. A floorboard unit that could be easily ran into a power amp would be great.

These are my ideas. Who knows if any of this stuff will happen, but it would certainly be nice.

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