No Guitar is Safe, and How I Listen to Guitar Podcasts

Podcasts are a cool thing; it’s talk radio, on your phone, tablet or computer. Using apps (speaking on iOS here) like Apple Podcasts, Downcast (my personal choice), or Overcast, you can download them as they become available, by having the app grab the downloads via the RSS feeds for each podcast. Once you’ve listened to them, you can set them to delete automagically.

My choices for podcasts started out largely as technology-related, as they’re a great way to keep up to date and learn more. However, over time that’s migrated more to guitar-related podcasts, as technology has become pretty boring to listen to in a car ride!

No Guitar Is Safe

One of those is No Guitar is Safe, a podcast promoted by Guitar Player, and done completely by Jude Gold, is an interview format podcast, usually lasting anywhere from an hour to two hours, and consisting of history of player, current projects, as well as often gear discussion too.

What is certainly interesting about these podcasts, and No Guitar is Safe in particular, is that I’ve developed a bit of a different kind of listening habit.

For example, with the current episode with Gretchen Menn, I began listening to the podcast, got the introductory discussion, and then Jude dove into what Ms. Menn was currently working on. Jude usually plays a couple clips here and then there as well, which leads me to stop the podcast, and seek the music out on Apple Music.

Often times this is a wonderful way of checking out music I’ve not heard before, often in genres that I wouldn’t have given much thought to. In the case of Gretchen’s work, I had some of it here and there, but for whatever reason it was still on my “to listen to” list. But this week, it most definitely got “moved up in the que”.

Her work on her most recent album, Abandon All Hope, is nothing short of amazing and innovative. While her past works were more straight rock (in terms of what I have heard), this one is extremely orchestral, melding a string quartet, a piano, drums, and of course guitar into works of precisely written music, and evoking a full range of emotions as you work through the album. This album deserves to be huge, and hopefully Jude’s podcast brings more light to it.

After listening, I then go back to the podcast, and finish listening to the excellent jamming the guest and Jude do together (Jude is an extremely talented guitarist himself), as well as any gear discussion.

Overall, this is definitely my favorite guitar podcast, and I would highly recommend it, from both a content and production value viewpoint.

Others that I listen to are Guitar Nerds, Guitar Knobs, and The Tone Mob. While these do go into the realm of interviews, often with manufacturers, generally they’re usually “few dudes in a room talking gear”, which is often fun to listen to as well.

If you have any others to recommend, let me know in the comments!

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