Qualifying opinions on music and various artists

I had an interesting discussion (if you’d care to call it that) about PRS potentially releasing another John Mayer signature guitar, this time one that looks almost exactly like a regular Fender Strat with a PRS headstock and birds tacked on.

I made the comment how I get why they’d do it, given Mayer’s popularity, but that I felt he was undeserving from a technical aspect, as well as overall quality of music. To me, it’s not much different than giving the Nickelback guys a signature guitar model.

That was met with some…….resistance. It was then promptly followed with the popular old Internet thought process:

If {INSERT ARTIST HERE} is so bad, let’s hear your music that’s sold 30 million records!

So apparently, if one is to critique or even criticize an artist, it is first required that that person is to first meet or exceed an artist’s various successes in the music industry, i.e. album sales, television appearances, etc.

Logically that seems rather silly, given that that would mean virtually no one could comment on music, at all. Positive or negative.

Porcupine Tree is the best band ever!

How would you know? You’ve never even recorded a progressive rock album!

Of course, the thought process seems to work better when the original offending party is being negative, not positive. But it stands to reason the same questionable logic would still apply.

I saw a link in Facebook today for the first television appearance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Interesting, from multiple perspectives. First, Alan Thicke was the host for whatever television show this was. Second, the Peppers looked so incredibly young, even compared to when I first remember seeing them. Lastly, it was a performance with their original guitarist, which was cool to see.

Foolishly, I started reading comments, which is just something you can’t/shouldn’t do on FB.

They were a great band, but they’ve not put out a decent album in a couple decades.

Slightly paraphrasing, but that’s the gist. It was a pretty benign comment, nothing I would have thought overly insulting.

You don’t know what you’re talking about! Let’s hear your amazing music that’s sold millions of albums!

And……there it is. If anything, it’s an interesting phenomenon. I truly wonder what (if anything) is running through the person’s head when they type this.

Of course, there’s a bit of hypocrisy there too. For example, the same people who’ve typed this message on a message board, social media site, or whatever, have uttered the words:

This burger sucks. This place sucks.


He is such a crappy hockey player. They should get rid of him.

Dear sir! In order to comment on the quality of food, you need to validate your opinion by showing everyone you’re a better cook! You also need to demonstrate your superior hockey skills!

Something tells me that neither of those will ever happen. 🙂

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