The Apple Watch. A really cool, expensive solution to a problem I didn’t have. 

I was gifted some money from work, because I’ve been there a while. It was a generous thing, and I certainly appreciate it.  

So as a treat, I bought myself something I had kept putting off; an Apple Watch (Sport, series 2). I got the 42mm, since even on my skinny wrists, a 38mm looked tiny. 

Pairing the Watch is super easy, easier than any other Bluetooth device. Simply launch the Watch app, scan a weird pulsating QR code thing, and boom; it sucks it all in. 

I told it to load all the available apps that had Watch equivalents. Facebook Messenger, Strava, Camera+, etc. I synced a playlist, as well as loaded a bunch of favorite photos. 

Everything was as expected from Apple, very easy. 

And the thing is, I really like it. I like it a lot. But I’m returning it. Why? 

I struggle to think why I need it, when I have a computer in my pocket and a bigger computer in my messenger bag at all times. 

There’s nothing it can do that my iPhone can’t do better. Even taking your pulse is possible with the phone. 

If the Apple Watch were $150 to $200, I’d definitely be keeping it. But as purchased, it was $475 including tax. That includes the AppleCare, which I felt I needed, given the nature of the device and my general clumsiness. 

It’s even more difficult to justify when I can literally buy an iPhone SE or iPad with 128GB for roughly the same price. Obviously completely different use-cases, but if Apple can do an entire iPad with an A9 and 128GB for $429, why is the Apple Watch so expensive?

So back it goes, to be replaced by a completely unrelated but exceedingly beautiful roasted ash guitar body in transparent red. 😀

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