The real problem with Android continues to be lack of updates

I recently received an Android tablet, a nice 7″ size that’s handy for grabbing to look something up, or perhaps catch a Netflix show when the TV is being used for something else. While it’s been greatly improved since the last time I used it, I’ve noticed that it’s on version 5.0, while version 7.1 is the current version. Okay, no worries. I’ll just update it. Not so fast, there’s no 7.1 update for this year old tablet. There’s also no 6.0 update. Huh?

That’s odd, but hey, it was free. Out of curiosity, I looked at Samsung’s site, to see what they’re currently selling. While there’s a few running 7, many are still being sold today (presumably, if it’s on their site) with version 5.1. Why is that?

What sucks is that some apps, namely Apple Music, are not available to older versions of the OS, making this a bit of a problem for me wanting to use this as a platform-agnostic cloud device. While Google Docs obviously works fine, I can’t listen to my music, which I’ve been carefully organizing over the last year or so.

If Android devices were simply like Windows PC’s or Apple’s iOS devices in that they can be updated for 2-3 years, I wouldn’t have an issue with them. It’s an otherwise nice interface, if a bit non-sensical in some spots.

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