Getting tired of Apple’s pricing

I just bought an iPhone 8 Plus, 256GB. $950, Plus $150 for AppleCare, so $1100. For a phone. That’s okay though, I use it a ton, for both work and home. It’s also my point and shoot camera.

My MacBook is nearly 4 years old though, and while it still does what I need for now, if it craps out, I’ve got no warranty.

So I’ve been looking around at the new options for a Mac, and the pricing has got me reeling.

Back in 2009, I got the top end 13” MacBook Pro for about $1500. I then easily upgraded the RAM and hard drive (first to a drive with an SSD cache, then to full SSD later).

In 2013, I got a fully loaded Air for $2100.

In both cases, I got the expensive AppleCare plan.

Pricing out the top end 13” MacBook Pro now? $2468, and that’s with an Intel Core i5.

Contrast that with a fairly well equipped Lenovo Thinkpad X1, at around $1600.

When you combine your $2500 laptop with your $1000 phone, it just gets crazy expensive, and I’m wondering if it’s getting to the point of diminishing returns.

Can I get done what I want to with a Windows machine, for nearly $900 less? Yeah, absolutely. Do I want to? Well, not really. But at this point, it’s just getting really, really hard to justify Macs with how crazy expensive they’re getting, while everyone else gets cheaper.

On the other hand, my Mac is, as I said, nearly 4 years old, and despite the minor risk of failure or damage, is still fast as can be, and shows no signs of feeling old, despite continual operating system upgrades.

My wife’s Mac is nearly eight years old, and while it wouldn’t really fit my needs of recording with Logic or editing HD video in iMovie, it still very much suits her needs.

So is a $3000 Mac kept for 4-5 years, maybe longer, a big deal? Maybe not. That’s roughly $60 a month. For as much as I use my computer, it’s more worthwhile than eating out 6 times a month, or grabbing 12 expensive coffees a month.

I guess it’s all perspective, and it took several trips to the Apple website and one edit to this post to realize that. 😉

For now, I’ll enjoy my too-big iPhone (I think I still like the 4.7” better) and my older but still very relevant MacBook.

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