A change in workflow

I’ve been working at a place that does not have a Mac as a workstation, and relies heavily on cloud services for day to day operation. At home, my Mac hasn’t left it’s stand in weeks. Instead, I’ve been relying heavily upon my 8+ and my iPad Pro (the latter of which I was going to sell, but have since changed my mind on), and mixing the Windows machine at work with the cloud-side apps on my phone and tablet.

It’s a great blend, and what’s nice is that the new cloud tools for work are different than what I use for personal stuff, thereby keeping work and home separate easily, even on the same device.

The iPad Pro for photo editing has gotten amazingly handy, what with the Pencil and Pixelmator. Shooting product shots, and then digitally removing the background is actually easier and more intuitive than it is on the Mac.

Music creation is fast and fun, albeit not as in-depth. It’s certainly enough for on the go work, as GarageBand gets more and more powerful with each release.

Video editing is great, although again not as in-depth either. But for quick videos, it’s more than up to the task.

All of my personal documents sit in the cloud these days, so platform is pretty much irrelevant at this point.

All that brings me to the next point; do I really want or need a laptop the next time around? I don’t think so. A powerful desktop (probably an iMac), coupled with an iPad and phone is really a winning, super light combination. Ideally, I’d have an iMac on the desk, and then a 4K TV mounted above the desk, connected via HDMI, for movies or extended desktop, or whatever. With HDTV’s dropping so much in price, it would definitely be feasible.

Overall, I’m glad I stuck with the iPad, and and warming to the larger iPhone 8+, due mainly to its fantastic dual lens camera. I still hate the overall physical size though. 🙂

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