Online Buying from other people (, eBay, Facebook, etc.) Don’t be an idiot

I had an amplifier listed for my shop, on, a site dedicated to selling musical instrument gear. It was a like new Mesa Boogie amp, with additional warranty still left. These amps sell for $1549 brand new, and are American-made amps.

A gentleman (I’m using that term loosely) badgered us on price, offering more than 30% lower than our asking price of $1150 (already a good price on a mint amp). He asked no questions at all, before finally agreeing to buy it for $1000 shipped (saving $550 over buying new).

Our site and each listing clearly states “Sold as-is, no returns”. Unless the item is damaged in shipping, and/or is completely misrepresented, we don’t take returns on used stuff sold online. It’s just a pain, so we don’t do it. Don’t like that? Totally fine! Don’t buy from us online then.

So what’s this guy do? “I don’t like the way it sounds. I want to return it”.

Uh, no dude. Sorry. If you see something listed online with a “no return” policy, you had better either A. have experience with it, and know what you’re getting, or B. be willing to take a chance on liking or not liking a used piece. This isn’t Amazon.

It’s just baffling to me that people will throw a fit over something that’s clearly stated in black and white.

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