Modeler wars are getting out of hand.

Untitled 2

Ooh, Kemper released a floor version of their popular Profiling Amp, previously available on in head (“toaster”) form, and rackmount.

Cue up fanboy venom from Line 6 Helix fans and Fractal Audio fans!

It’s hideous. Disgusting.

Old technology.

The UI is awful.

Too expensive.

Those are actual quotes from Facebook user groups about it. Never mind that the device is designed to go on the floor, and to generate sound. While the UI complaint may have a minor amount of validity, how the overall unit looks is completely irrelevant to its designed purpose.

The attacks and insults generally lobbed back and forth between modeler groups seems to be higher than ever, with no signs of slowing down.

It’s Chevy vs. Ford. Apple vs. Microsoft. Apple vs. Google. Cubs vs. Sox?

In other words, business as usual for the human race, albeit still very disappointing behavior.

What people don’t realize is that we’re in the year 2019, a year where we’ll all blessed with better tones available at just about any price point, with a myriad of designs. No one’s forcing anyone to like anything. If this were 2005, it’d be WAY more painful, because the choices pretty much all sucked.

We can record an album on a device that’s in our pocket, but we still find a reason to be jerks.


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