The problem with guitar amp modelers.

Well… problem. It’s not Line 6 or Fractal Audio’s fault. It’s that by nature of what they are, guitar amp modelers offer the guitarist a TON of options, both in terms of amp models, as well as effects.

Fractal’s amp list is well over 250 now, and Line 6’s, while not quite as high, still numbering in the dozens upon dozens. Effects are just as plentiful; each one having its own plethora of options.

So, this is good, right? Yes. And no. The “problem” is options paralysis. There’s so many things to try, you feel like you should try it all. After all, what if you own the device but you’ve not tried everything? You’re missing out, right?

Of course not. Logically, if you get your sound you want, just stop tweaking and “shut up and play yer guitar”!

It’s not always easy for some people, me included. I can’t imagine the people that have the Kemper, a device that doesn’t model amps but rather “profiles” them. The limit is then the number of profiles you can buy and/or download, which is at this point ten years on, limitless.

I love the technology aspect of this, both in terms of the flexibility of it, as well as the amazing quality these devices now are capable of. But I also lament these devices, because I can easily spend an entire day tweaking, instead of actually playing or writing music.

So, what to do? I’ve got to find a way to place limits on myself. Just. Stop. Tweaking!


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