Online Buying from other people (, eBay, Facebook, etc.) Don’t be an idiot

I had an amplifier listed for my shop, on, a site dedicated to selling musical instrument gear. It was a like new Mesa Boogie amp, with additional warranty still left. These amps sell for $1549 brand new, and are American-made amps. A gentleman (I’m using that term loosely) badgered us on price, offering more […]

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The Problem with Facebook

Here’s what I struggle with on Facebook. I have 194 friends, from different generations, different walks of life, different religious and political backgrounds/preferences. With occasional exception, I don’t have issues or arguments with people. I don’t always agree, but it remains pretty cool. What I do get sucked into are debates with friends of friends. […]

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A change in workflow

I’ve been working at a place that does not have a Mac as a workstation, and relies heavily on cloud services for day to day operation. At home, my Mac hasn’t left it’s stand in weeks. Instead, I’ve been relying heavily upon my 8+ and my iPad Pro (the latter of which I was going […]

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Eventide H9 Review

UPDATE The iOS app works fine on iOS v.11.0, just not on the v.11.1 Beta. So it’s completely understandable that it’s not ready for 11.1 yet.  ————————- I was talking to a customer a week or so ago, and as is often the case with gear heads like him and I, we went down the […]

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