Live shows and original music…..or lack there of

Last night (May 29th), I had the pleasure of seeing one Mr. Paul Gilbert. Famous for his work in Racer X, Mr. Big, and of course his extensive solo catalog, Paul has continued to grow as a musician and songwriter through the years. In fact, I feel as though when compared to his contemporaries, he […]


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What’s up with Apple?

Apple just announced a new product, the HomePod, which apparently will be a competitor to the Amazon Echo and Google Home. As typical with Apple, it’s locked tightly to their products and services, and also typical with Apple, it’s a lot more money than the others, priced at $350. The problem is, unless they get […]

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Amazon’s “Add-on” Deal

So, last night, I’m waiting for a server to load, working on MCSE, when I decide I need a “brain break” from learning about Microsoft Server 2012 crap. I remember I wanted to order a small bag of picks from Clayton, but wanted to try a different material before committing to a bag of 100. […]

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