Windows Experiment, v.2.0

So, as I’ve mentioned before, while I LOVE MacOS, Photos, iMovie, Safari, etc., and particularly Logic Pro X, I’ve grown rather weary of Apple’s continued issues with their laptops. Crappy keyboards that stop working. Version 2 of crappy keyboards that stop working. Version 3 of crappy keyboards that stop working. Ribbon cables to screens that […]

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The Problem with Facebook

Here’s what I struggle with on Facebook. I have 194 friends, from different generations, different walks of life, different religious and political backgrounds/preferences. With occasional exception, I don’t have issues or arguments with people. I don’t always agree, but it remains pretty cool. What I do get sucked into are debates with friends of friends. […]

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What’s up with Apple?

Apple just announced a new product, the HomePod, which apparently will be a competitor to the Amazon Echo and Google Home. As typical with Apple, it’s locked tightly to their products and services, and also typical with Apple, it’s a lot more money than the others, priced at $350. The problem is, unless they get […]

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