Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Pedal

I recently had the opportunity to spend a fair amount of time with the new Boss DD-500 digital delay, a very full-featured delay unit that appears to most certainly be designed to fire shots at the likes of TC Electronic’s Flashback X4, Eventide’s Time Factor, and perhaps even Strymon’s TimeLine.     It features a number […]

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Gear Snobbery.

Within every hobby, art, sport, or various passion in life, there is a tendency to display snobbery. When it comes to an area where there’s hardware, software, or other pieces of equipment that may inspire passion for that equipment, there begins to be what myself and many others call “gear snobbery”. It goes back to […]

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Guitar Amp Modelers…..

In the late 90’s, “guitar amp modeling” became a thing, specifically with a company called Line 6. The POD, a kidney bean-shaped device, emulated to varying degrees of success, 16 different classic and modern guitar amps. The boon was that it could be plugged directly into a mixer or recording device, required no miking, and […]

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Atomic Amplifire: My Impressions

The Atomic Amplifire is a new guitar amp modeler that aims to be that middle ground device, between consumer/hobbyist pieces like the POD HD series, Boss GT, and various other $100-$500 modelers, and then higher end devices like the Fractal Audio Axe-FX II and Kemper Profiler (the latter isn’t technically a modeler; I know. But […]

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Is Java insecure? That depends

Java is often listed as one of the more insecure applications to be installed on a computer. For awhile there in 2013, it seemed as if there was a new Java exploit every week. But is Java really a massive security risk? Yes and no. In the sense that there are vulnerabilities discovered, problems arise […]

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